Christian Focus

Our goal at West Palm Beach Jr. Academy is to bring Christ into focus for our students. We have been given the wonderful commission to teach a risen Christ to our students and we take that mandate very seriously. Consequently, in addition to our daily devotion and the incorporation of Christ in all of our curriculum; we bring Christ into focus for our students through our Weekly Chapels, Weeks of Prayer, and Education Sabbaths.

Weekly Chapel

Our Weekly Chapel is truly an amazing experience for all who attend. Students, with the aid of their teacher, are responsible for Chapel services each week. Through songs, stories, poems, drama and other creative modes of expression, students share the central message of love for Christ and for their fellow classmates. It is also a wonderful time to discover the talents that the Lord has blessed our children with and to encourage them to begin to use and develop these talents. Many great talents eventually walk out from the doors of West Palm Junior Academy.

Week of Prayer

Week of Prayer is held once every semester, with special guest speakers coming in to present the word of God to our students. Guest speakers, including our church pastor, share simple yet profound messages from the Bible in a way that our students can easily digest. Singing is a great part of the experience which the students enjoy immensely. Week of prayer culminates with little hearts being won for Jesus. This christian focus is followed up with additional Bible study for students who request it. Week of Prayer in many ways is planting seeds in the hearts of our students that will sprout at the right time.

Education Sabbaths

Education Sabbaths offer students a great opportunity to share what they have learned about the love of Jesus with their church family. Students, with the guidance of their teachers and the equal support of their parents, usually take up the entire Sabbath programming for that day. Students put great effort into learning songs, memory verses, welcomes, stories, poems, and even sermons for the special occasions. At West Palm Beach Jr. Academy, we are building a troupe ready and prepared to go on God’s errands.