West Palm Beach Junior Academy utilizes curricula that meet Florida state standards and is aligned with the excellence in learning expectations of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist, as well as Southern Union and Florida Conference offices of Education.

Our officially adopted Pre-school program curriculum is “Pebbles: A Faith-based Early Childhood Curriculum.” This program compliments the child’s natural cycle of learning and is developed to meet varying learning styles and needs. It is designed to align with our Kindergarten “Stepping Stones” curriculum for a smooth transition and seamless growth to the next learning level.

Kindergarten “Stepping Stones: A Journey to Excellence Through Discovery” forms the foundation for Kindergarten learning. Stepping Stones is an integrated, research driven curriculum utilizing literature-based Science and Social Studies themes with age appropriate spiritual connections.

This comprehensive developmental program is designed to meet each individual child’s needs through engaging Inquiry-based activities which encourage exploration and discovery across all subject areas. “Go Math,” “Fundations,” and a Common Core writing curriculum are added to Stepping Stones to form a well-rounded program aligned with our elementary Pathways program.

“Fundations” by Wilson Language is also used in grades 1 & 2 and is a key part of our balanced literacy program.

The “Southern Union Writing Process Portfolio” for Grades 1-8 is the basis for writing instruction in these grades and is aligned with state standards. Writing skills for multiple genres, purposes, and various audiences are taught and explored. Word Study is embedded in the program through vocabulary, spelling, and grammar.

Our “Pathways” Reading program focused on helping students become lifelong readers. Teachers conduct reading workshops with books on each student’s independent reading level that promote literary conversation, foster inquiry, increase reading comprehension, and assist students in complex text to self connections.

The “Encounter Bible Curriculum” used in all grade 1-8 classrooms. Content has been developed from a clearly defined scope and sequence to provide students with knowledge of the Bible, fundamental beliefs of the church, and a healthy lifestyle.

WPBJA utilizes the McGraw-Hill Networks Social Studies curriculum covering the following topics:

  • Grade 1 — Our Community and Beyond 
  • Grade 2 — Who We Are as Americans 
  • Grade 3 — The United States Communities and Neighbors 
  • Grade 4 — Our Country and Its Regions 
  • Grade 5 — A History of the United States Early Years 
  • Grade 6 — A History of the World Early Ages 
  • Grade 7 — A History of the World Later Ages
  • Grade 8 — A History of the United States Modern Times 

“By Design” is an engaging, rigorous, and developmentally appropriate Science curriculum promoting inquiry, investigation, and discovery in grades 1-8.

This program features innovative teaching methods and subject matter that nurture curiosity, explore the wonderment of God’s Creation, and offer a balanced and integrated development of science and health within the framework of a Biblical worldview.

“Big Ideas Math” grades 1-8 combines discovery and direct instruction approaches to master the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. A deeper understanding of math concepts is achieved through inductive reasoning, engaging activities, and thought-provoking exercises. The program supports student individuality through differentiated instruction. High school level Algebra 1 is also available for students meeting advanced placement criteria.